Libraries and More

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Libraries and Client Applications

The JSON-ROA Browser

The JSON-ROA Browser is a browser application to explore JSON-ROA APIs.

JSON-ROA Utils for Clojure

The JSON-ROA Utils for Clojure is a library which provides utilities to write JSON-ROA enabled APIs.

The Ruby JSON-ROA Client

The Ruby JSON-ROA Client is a library for accessing JSON-ROA from the Ruby programming language. It works with standard Ruby or JRuby and is e.g. used in Cider-CI Support for Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects.

Applications providing a JSON-ROA enabled API

The JSON-ROA Demo Application

The JSON-ROA Demo Application is a micro messaging application to demonstrate the capabilities of JSON-ROA. There is public accessible instance running at Heroku:


Cider-CI is an application and service stack for highly parallelized and resilient integration testing. It is open source and the Cider-CI API implements JSON-ROA.