About The JSON-ROA Browser

The JSON-ROA Browser enables you to quickly explore and understand JSON-ROA enabled APIs.


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Programming against an API from a browser based application imposes security restrictions given by the browser. This is in particular true with respect to XSS and CORS.

It is in some cases impossible for the JSON-ROA Browser to report the original HTTP error or to detect the cause of a problem.

If something is not working as expected and an unspecified error is shown, please have a look in your browser logs. This can give some indication to the underlying problem.

We recommend to embed the JSON-ROA browser directly into the application to avoid XSS restrictions. The JSON-ROA github organization makes a build of the JSON-ROA browser available to be included i.e. as a git submodule.

Copyright © 2014, 2015 Thomas Schank


The JSON-ROA Browser is released to the public under the terms of the MIT License.

Runtime Includes

The build of The JSON-ROA Browser includes the following runtime components:

Each of those comes with its own license.

Build Dependencies

The JSON-ROA Browser is build with following tools: